How to prepare for your session?

For an in home session, don't go overboard with cleaning. If it's a family shoot and you have kids, kids are messy (mine definitely are). However, if you do want to tidy up just focus on the lounge room and the master bedroom. If I notice any interesting lighting throughout the rest of the house I'll let you know and we can move things out of the way if needed.

For a family session on location, come ready to PLAY. The more you can distract them from me and make them laugh the better your photos will be. Simple. Pick them up, throw them around, tickle them and if they're too old for that, just hug them, sit with them or have a chat about something important to them. Think about it as family time and just enjoy being in each others company. 

For a maternity or newborn shoot, don't worry about preparing. You're doing enough already. I will try to make you as comfortable as possible during your session, you can just concentrate on your little one. 

Sick toddler? Bad weather?

If you or your kids are sick we will reschedule. There is not much point trying to take a photo when someone is really unwell. I want you at your best. If your toddler is having a bad day though, you can bring them anyway. I'm sure we can make them laugh or play and if they just want cuddles, they make awesome photos too.

If the weather is bad I will be in touch. Depending on the type of shoot and the severity of the weather, we may go ahead. But if it's rainy or extreme weather let's reschedule so we can get the best out of your session.

What if your session time doesn't work well with naptimes?

Naptimes are important. However, I shoot at certain times to get the BEST possible lighting situation for your photos. It definitely makes a difference.

In saying that, kids need naps. So here's what I suggest....

* Shuffle naptimes. If they nap once a day maybe push it a bit later so they aren't needing such an early bedtime. If they need that late afternoon sleep, allow time for this to happen on the drive (if you are blessed with a child who sleeps in the car).
* Feed them first if you can. Even just give them a light meal or snack and pick up an easy takeaway on the drive home.
* It might seem like witching hour is the worst time for you and your children. If you have an outdoor session, often it actually works well for parents as your kids will be able to blow off steam and run around. Or if they are a bit cuddly and need to be held that's great for photos too.

Try to go with it as much as you can, please don't stress if your nap schedule is not going well on the day. Often kids are great outdoors when we don't force poses and just let them run wild. I do recommend an easy dinner after in case your kids are too tired by the end to wait. Hopefully they fall asleep easily after and you can put your feet up.

What if my kids don’t behave?

Kids are crazy sometimes. It actually works well in photos. I will help to toddler wrangle and distract the little ones when needed. I'll even hold your baby so you can get a 'couple' shot if you want (when was the last time you had a good photo taken of you and your partner???).

If you have little ones there are a few things you can do. It definitely helps if they have had a nap and/or something to eat beforehand. It's not always possible. They don't always do what we want and that's fine too. We'll run with it. 

Will you make me look skinnier? More tanned? Less wrinkly?

Generally speaking, no. I want to shoot you as you are. I'll do basic touchups for blemishes if you like but If you want more in depth edits they can be done for an additional fee. 

Anything else I should know?

I do have a current working with children check and I have also had a recent whooping cough shot. It's important to know these things especially if you are including children in a session. 

Do you bring baskets and wraps to newborn shoots?

Not usually. My sessions are very much unposed and natural. I really focus on connection in my sessions and we can definitely achieve that with you holding your baby. I do have some beautiful neutral coloured wraps and am more than happy to bring them along upon request.

What time are indoor sessions?

This can vary a bit. I often run indoor sessions in the morning but it just depends on the situation.

I do find newborns are better in the morning. I will discuss all of this with you prior to your session.

Can I add cousins, aunties etc? Or can Dad be in a motherhood shoot?

Contact me if you're interested in an extended family session and I can talk you through it. There are additional fees for extra people.

Motherhood sessions are smaller sessions and are only for Mums and their children or expecting Mama's.

What to wear?

Think about your style and what your kids like to wear. Whether you dress up or go casual, have a think about colour and texture. Use Pinterest and search "what to wear family photoshoot" and you will find a bunch of complementary colour combinations. Matching outfits might be cute but I find complementary colours often work best. Try to avoid anything with a big brand name or slogan across it as it is really distracting in a photograph. Same goes for really thin stripes or overbearing patterns or pictures. Start with YOU! Wear what you're comfortable in and then plan the other outfits accordingly. Upon booking for a session I will send you a 'Client Guide' with loads of info to help.

I do have a client wardrobe you can access if needed.