I’m Laura, lifestyle photographer and Mum of three. I shoot families and I love capturing everyday moments so that they become long lasting memories. Nothing posed, just as you are.

As a parent you want to be able to remember all the little moments you have with your kids. You want to hold that image in your mind of them dancing around or playing with you, so you never forget it. They are only little for such a short time. 

I want you to have natural images of you connecting with your kids. I would love for you to have those images around your home as a constant reminder of how special these small moments are in between the chaos of everyday life.

Photo by Lauren Gray Photography

Kisses and cuddles, twirling, playing, connecting. Never forced or posed. Just you with your kids doing your thing. 

I have 3 boys who are all 5 and under (and two labradors). Our house is never quiet. I love Winter over Summer, coffffeee (because my kids don’t sleep) and music.

All too often I see Mum’s snapping away on their phones, forever photographing their kids. We all want that perfect shot of them smiling back at us. I want more than that for you. I am big on getting parents into the frame with their kids.

One day your kids will cherish those shots with you in them. Not posing, no cheesy smiles, just natural photos of you connecting with your kids. You’ll be surprised how valuable a photo like that will be for your kids down the track.